My wind wish.

I love this so much

Claudia Hernandez

image: pinterest

I wish the wind spoke to you in metaphors you will only understand. I am sure they will be the most beautiful verses ever pronounced and ever received.

I wish the wind sang to you in your sleep to make your nightmares into sweet dreams. Like you converted my stormy life into sunshine and bliss.

I wish the wind whispered you in your days of sorrow to give you consolation. Just like you carry my pain in your arms, restoring me, keeping me warm.

I wish the wind flowed in sync with my heart and give you the most tranquility you’ve ever felt. Make you feel loved. Make you feel whole.

I wish the wind spoke everything I’m too scared to say.

That, is my wind wish.

©Claudia Hernández

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My first blog post


So between my studies I suddenly had the impulse of creating a blog. I mean, I’ve had the idea of creating it a time ago…but I never had the courage. And now I’m not sure about what to write. Well, I love BOOKS,ANIME,FILMS,K-POP…….and probably I’m a nerd….But I don’t really care ahah

There’s a high chance my next texts will be about those things or something that crosses my mind randomly…

Hope you enjoy it!


P.S.: I’m portuguese and proud 🙂