I don’t exactly know why I am writing this, but it is something I’ve always kept for me. However,the more I try to hide it,the more it is prejudicial to me.

I feel so anxious every single day. Mostly when I am in public.

In such normal situations like being in class I can’t handle. I feel so nervous, like everyone in the room is seeing my weaknesses, like I am transparent. Everyone can see what I am afraid of, everyone can judge me, I can fail, I am not enough,why can’t I be confident, why do I have this face ….. Why do I feel this way?

This stupid fear, this stupid anxiety it’s making me unable to live daily situations. This is taking away part of the right I have to live my youth, my life. Just because my mind doesn’t allow me. Just because I feel restricted by this irrational fear, these irrational and uncontrollable thoughts that EVERYONE is watching me. It makes me be the worst version of myself.And ,at the moment, I have no control over it.

Non-sense anxiety is a barrier to my happiness.

This is the thing I hate the most in me and ,although I haven’t figured it out yet, I hope one day I can overcome it and live free of insecurities.Live free of this stupid anxiety.



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