First Love

There’s a lot of people out there you know. And there you are, sitting and attached to a routine based on an endless wait for your first love. The true,however, is that if you keep looking for it in someone else, you will never have success.

And do you know why? Your very first love should NEVER be a girl or a boy. It should be YOU. Yourself. Because we can love whoever we want. But we’ll never be truly happy if we don’t like our own skin,our own mind.

That can be fucking harsh, I know. When you look at the mirror it’s too easy to point out all your flaws and it just shouldn’t be like that.Those things make you a beautiful and unique human being.And,ironically, they are the ones you are most ashamed of. Which is too sad to be true. Physically and psychologically,there are always those traits that makes us ask “Why do I have this?” or even “why am I like this?”

In fact no one is perfect. EVERYONE has their imperfections. It is totally fine to have them. PERFECTION IS BORING.

So JUST STOP making those questions. You were born with every single thing, so embrace everything you are with pride.

We are lucky to be alive, to be born, to express ourselves,to have this body,this mind.

So, before falling in love with someone else,fall in love with you.


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